DSC07170 DSC07171 DSC07173 DSC07174 DSC07175 DSC07176 DSC07178 DSC07181 DSC07184 DSC07189 DSC07192 DSC07194 DSC07195 DSC07196 DSC07200 DSC07201 DSC07203 DSC07205 DSC07209 DSC07210 DSC07212 DSC07215 DSC07217 DSC07219 DSC07220 DSC07221
DSC07223 DSC07224 DSC07225 DSC07226 DSC07227 DSC07228 DSC07230 DSC07231 DSC07232 DSC07233 DSC07234 DSC07235 DSC07237Project work. 15 minutes performance by every country, a dance, song  or PP,  typical from your country or region. It can be anything connecting to cultural awareness.

Opening the exhibition made with the photos of monthly observation by every country.

Making a giant puzzle of the European Union.