Week in the Hungary

After travelling 10 hours by train we arrived to Budapest. That evening we did some sightseeing as well as we did on second day with groups from other countries. I can honestly say that Budapest is one of the prettiest cities I have ever visited. Especially in the night. We loved historical atmosphere, lights and old illuminated buildings all over the town. When we arrived to Sátoraljaújhely we met our hosting families. They were kind and very hospitable. Our program was really exciting. We visited so many interesting places as a prison museum, Porcelain Factory, Museum in Holloháza or Rákoczi Castle. We were also tasting some traditional food, learning archery and we really enjoyed it.
In addition to this educational part there was also time to know new amazing people, make foreign friendships and have fun together. That is what we most appreciate. Because of our communication with other students our English had quite improved and thanks to our polish mates we also learned little bit of Polish.
In the end we want to say big THANKS to all teachers who prepared and worked on this project, to our hosting families and also to our new friends. We will never forget :)slov_pol

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